Celebrating Freedom

Galatians 5 reminds us that Christ has set us free in order that we might live in freedom over sin – freedom to live in the fullness of all the offers.
One of our Big 10 partners, True Freedom Ministries, is dedicated to sharing the message of the true freedom that is found only in Christ Jesus. At True Freedom Ministries, they are dedicated to reaching those locked behind steel doors in jails and prisons all across Ohio, those trapped in homelessness on the streets, those abandoned in nursing homes all across Northeast Ohio, and those shackled in addictions.
True Freedom Ministries just recently had a volunteer appreciation dinner for all those who willingly serve with their ministry. However, one might ask, “if volunteers are the ones who serve, who serves the volunteers?” One of our very own CVC LifeGroups stepped up to the plate, and did just that! They took time out of their own schedules to go out and serve the volunteers of True Freedom Ministries.

One thing that we particularly love is that one of our adult LifeGroups teamed up with one of our high school groups to serve together!


Little did they know, that some of those volunteers they served were CVC Members Jeff and Tami Batzel. Jeff caught pastor Joe in the foyer a few weeks later and shared how blown away he was by the work that CVC was doing with True Freedom.

“My wife and I, Tami have been attending CVC for 7 years and we have belonged to True Freedom Ministries for a while too. My wife and I serve with the nursing home ministry, and we attended the Volunteer Appreciation dinner. We were blown away to see such well-organized and respectful students volunteering their time on a Friday evening. It was a complete surprise to see them there. We had no idea they were coming.”Jeff Batzel
What a great encouragement to see a ministry of CVC LifeGroups made up of all generations seeking to serve the Lord by serving others. 

To learn more about how you and your LifeGroup can get involved in local serve opportunities (just like the incredibly good looking group below), click on the local button above and visit CVCMissions on Facebook.

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