Celebrating New Life and New Relationships

This semester, our LifeGroup has had the wonderful opportunity to serve with the Cleveland Pregnancy Center and “adopt” a young woman who experienced an unplanned pregnancy. For privacy purposes I will be referring to her as “Allie”. Our role has been to meet, get to know, and communicate with Allie in order that we might determine ways to help and encourage her as she prepares for her baby’s birth. 
Just recently, we were blessed to organize and host a baby shower for Allie. The ladies of our LifeGroup planned and gathered all of the party resources. God provided abundantly! We had a venue, food, favors, and gifts. The shower was attended by many of our LifeGroup members as well as Allie’s family and friends (who also contributed decorations, food, and favors). It was a joy to encourage Allie! It warmed my heart to know she wants the best for her baby and that her baby’s life is worth celebrating. 
Over the past few months, we have been able to share with Allie our knowledge and experience as moms in an effort to help prepare her for her role as a mom. We’ve also encouraged her to attend church and Momtourage once the baby is born. She has been so thankful and has expressed interest in coming to church. We hope and pray this was a small step, a seed of love planted, in what could grow into a new life in Christ! 
Overall, it has been a humbling, rewarding, and joyful experience partnering with the Cleveland Pregnancy Center. I would encourage others to become involved serving in this local ministry or any of the other Big Ten local partnerships.
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