Serving the Least and the Lost

The first time I heard about Pearl Island, Chad and Rick had just gotten back from exploring the island. They showed stunning pictures of landscapes I’ve never seen before. The pictures were beautiful, but the description of the island and it’s people were even more intriguing. At that very moment, my curiosity was sparked.

My husband, Andrew and I wanted nothing more than to serve alongside each other once we got married. We were both involved in Youth Ministry when we met, and we continued serving in that capacity after we got married. We took a group of students to Ukraine to serve alongside the Laszlo’s and their ministry. The trip forced us to stand up and preach a different message each day.

We weren’t exactly qualified to act like pastors for a week, but the Holy Spirit took over and spoke words we could never muster up on our own. It was the first trip that Andrew and I led together, and it was amazing! The thought of taking a team over to Pearl Island first crossed our minds about a year after our trip to the Ukraine. I was at summer camp sitting with a group of students who had just returned from a trip to Pearl Island. They discussed the trip with such extreme passion, and I could just tell that it meant a lot to them. By having to leave their comfort zones, and explore a different part of the world that was unlike anything they had experienced before, I could see a few teenagers had grown up a little bit. My curiosity was sparked again!

We felt led to get out of Youth Ministry and serve in the Young Adult Ministry at the church. Our Life Group is amazing and has meant so much to us in our personal lives, but the itch to go on mission is relentless. I serve on the Global Mission’s Development Team and continued to be annoyed that more young adults weren’t engaging with Pearl Island. I tried to think of all the reasons why this was so. Perhaps it’s because they have children. Maybe they can’t get the time off of work, they don’t want to spend two weeks of their vacation on a mission’s trip, or they are uncomfortable with Muslim people. Perhaps it’s because it’s too far to travel to, or…maybe it’s because they are scared of a trip based solely on evangelism.

The more I thought of the reasons why, the more I was convicted that I was describing myself. I left the meeting and went home and talked to Andrew about how I was feeling. We discussed our passion for Young Adults and engaging them in serving the least and the lost. What better way to do so then to lead a trip to Pearl Island?

The bottom line is, when the Holy Spirit convicts you to do something, you can either obey or walk away. We all want to know what God’s purpose is for us in this life. I believe we achieve God’s purpose for us most fully by being obedient to Him when He calls us to do something. I would encourage other Young Adults to gauge any excuses they have as to why they aren’t being more mission minded. If those excuses are interfering with what God is asking, perhaps it’s time to take a step of Faith and serve.

Maybe it’s time to go to Pearl?

To learn more about Pearl Island and the upcoming trip dates, click on the “global initiatives” button above.

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