The Year of Jubilee

Last September, after the return of our 5th Ghana Medical Mission team, you may recall reading a blog post by Founding Pastor Rick Duncan recounting CVC’s rich history in Ghana. This summer marks 20 years of faithful and fruitful labor between members of CVC and the Nzema Baptist Association. Once an unreached people group, the Nzema now host more than 60 churches and have the resources to spread the gospel within their own communities. God enacted these marvelous works through our national missionary, Frank Archer, and decades of faithful CVC missionaries who have gone before us.

The Nzema Baptist Hospital project continues God’s restorative work by ensuring access to quality medical and spiritual care for future Nzema generations. When our medical mission team last visited in September 2017, we were amazed by the progress made on the hospital. What was once a dense, green coconut grove in 2012 is now a stunning blue building with landscaping, tiled floors, running water, electricity, and a brand new labor and delivery ward. It truly is a beacon of hope to passersby on the main road.

In February 2018, Ron Cleveland visited Ghana to check up on the building progress and returned with wonderful news: the hospital staff has started to arrive!! An administrator, 2 nurses, and a traveling community nurse are now on site setting up temporary equipment and organizing medical supplies for the facility. Signs have been installed directing patients where to go. The hospital’s accrediting body, Christian Hospital Association of Ghana (CHAG), will be appointing additional staff to join a physician assistant and midwife in the coming weeks. Donations from this past Advent Tree will provide on-site housing for the hospital staff for the next TWO YEARS. Though this project often feels insurmountable, God continues to provide funds, resources, and partnerships according to His perfect timing. The hospital plans to see it’s first patients within the next 1-2 months for outpatient and pre-natal visits.

There is so much to celebrate! This year’s CVC short-term team will commission the hospital ‘Ghana-style’. The last celebration ceremony I attended was 5 hours short; I’m sure we are in for an all day party honoring God’s faithfulness. 

We are humbled by CVC’s consistent support over the years. The entire hospital project is funded out of the generosity of CVC members. Every dollar, vitamin, and bandage faithfully invested has returned bountifully. We ask for your continued partnership in this next phase as we seek to acquire permanent hospital equipment for the maternity ward, laboratory, surgical theaters, and radiology studies. Pray for the ministry of our hospital staff, the patients that will receive care, and success in acquiring extended funding through charitable grants. While the thought of raising an additional $250,000 is daunting, our Ghanaian family consistently reminds us that God will provide. What seems a conversational adage is actually fervent God dependence. God provided in the past and continues to provide for us today, so we know He will provide for the future. We serve a mighty and compassionate God who brings restoration amidst our brokenness. To Him be the glory for ever and ever!

Thinking about joining the medical mission team? Trip dates are September 6-17 and you can find more information under the ‘current trip opportunities’ section of the home page.

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