Bringing Hope in Crisis

Since 1980 the U.S. has sustained 233 weather and climate disasters. In 2018 alone there have been 6 related events that have required disaster relief support. Natural disasters bring so much devastation. No one can fully plan when a disaster strikes. Many lose their homes, they lose precious treasures, and they lose loved ones. One can never fully replace the level of loss that is experienced when a disaster strikes. Thankfully there is a God who is in complete control of the weather, of the climate, and who is not surprised when disaster strikes. There is hope in the crises. That is why Cuyahoga Valley Church is partnering with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to train up our people to go out and share the hope and healing that Christ has to offer when disasters strike.

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is the third-largest disaster response team in the nation. They are a state-based network of volunteer teams who do more than just clean up; they bring the healing of Christ to those whose lives have been shattered. Just as their website states, “From initial damage assessment to welcoming residents back into their homes, Disaster Relief volunteers are the first on the scene and the last to leave.”

When it comes to responding to disasters, there is no more comprehensive group than Southern Baptists. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief partners with FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and other national volunteer organizations to meet the urgent needs of communities in crisis. These organizations work in harmony to move equipment, people, and other physical resources in affected areas.

As we strive to make maximum impact for Christ, we can gain more access to more places to provide more help if we are trained as an official SBC Disaster Relief team.

Join us Saturday, August 25th for a 1-day training so that you can be prepared to be on the front lines of relief whenever disaster strikes. For more information and to register, please go to

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