Bringing Hope in the Midst of Trauma

Our team is wrapping up their time on Pearl Island, here is an update from June Post sharing all that they did on their sixth day. 

Yesterday marked a very special day for Encounter Tours. It was so exciting because we chartered new territory by visiting two new villages. We found out about the needs of these villages from one of the locals named A who helps with tours alongside T&K.

We assessed damages, talked to them about what they needed, and gave supplies to our main contact person to distribute to those in most need.

The biggest needs of these villages right now are water filters to make clean water, blankets (for night time), rice, eggs, and protein (sardines). We distributed all of these items, as well as, milk and candies to the children. One of our next steps may be to bring some materials for rebuilding.

In the first village, we met L who does construction work and shared how he can use his skills from work to rebuilding houses for his family and others. While speaking of the trauma caused by the earthquake, it was evident he was holding back tears. Unfortunately because the conversation was rushed, we didn’t get share much with him, but we believe he may be open to hearing the good news during a follow up visit.

The kids in both villages were very fun and playful. We sang, danced, and played games. Their favorite game seemed to be called “What time it is, Pa D or Pa M?” where a couple of our guys would have kids take steps toward them by counting and then the guys chased them with the intention of catching one child per round – the kids loved it!! After a while, the children wanted to be caught and would egg our team members on to catch them even though they were supposed to be running to home base. 

Between villages, we ate lunch in a berugak (common area for meeting and socializing) on Monkey Mountain where many adorable little monkeys greeted us by sitting along the street as we drove up the mountain – not normally something we see along the roads of Northeast Ohio.

The second village was extremely deep into the forest. There we met N who teaches children and adults English in her village for no salary. She has a huge heart, speaks English very well, and genuinely wants to see her people become educated and thrive in life.

N also shared how she has friends in several different countries practicing various religions. She acknowledges that we are all humans and should be more open to associating with others even if they do not believe the same way we do. She is fun-loving, open to learn from others, and has influence among her people. Please pray for God to soften her heart towards Him as we continue to reach out to her and her people.

While spending time in conversation with a villager in this same village, a man named A shared how he was away during the earthquake and had to travel back home to find his family. He also shared how people who are doing relief work are helping their children, but their is little to no effort being made to help deal with the trauma the adults are going through. D from our team asked “How can we help?”. A’s response: “I don’t know.” It appears this may be a perfect opportunity for T&K groups to listen, care, empathize, encourage, and share the good news with them.

As we were getting ready to head out from the 2nd village back to the villa, we ran into a group of college students from a local University in M. As part of their internship program, they are helping with relief efforts by clearing rubble and playing games with the children. There was an amazing serendipitous moment created where our team, the students, and a few of the villagers came together and took a picture. In addition, they taught us how to say in Indonesia “Rise again” to signify the rebuilding of this island!! Only God could have planned such a meeting.

Thank you CVC family for your financial and prayer support to make this trip possible!! Please join us in continuing to pray for new relationships to be formed between Encounter Tours and these villages and for us to find those in the most need to help right now and moving forward. God bless!! 

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