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We are getting ready to launch another team to Ghana, West Africa in just a few days. Holly Toporowski has been on several trips to Ghana with CVC and she is going again this year. We asked her to share a bit of her heart and we hope that her passion for missions encourages and challenges you to go on mission in 2019.

God continues to draw my heart to the people of Ghana. I’ve been blessed beyond all measure to be a small part of His plan for His people. Taking time off work, leaving family, and traveling to Africa year after year is a true joy. Embracing other cultures is a unique experience, especially as it relates to making plans. I’m a pretty organized person – I like to follow the schedule. But in Ghana there is a common phrase that always seems to garner a sideways grin from our teammates,  “The Plans Have Changed”.  I have learned to roll with the punches and trust that God always has a plan.   He has shown himself to be faithful over the last two decades that CVC has been serving in Ghana. When the plans change, we just respond to what God is doing – and have faith.  I’ve been reflecting on all of God’s goodness and faithfulness thus far. He has provided for the hospital staff, given vision, saved souls, brought the finances, and has given eternal hope to the broken. I’m ready to serve and continue God’s work. I’m far from perfect, but my hope is that Christ will be the only thing that the people of Ghana see in me. Returning to Africa feels like coming home because I know that God is using my obedience to grow his family.

Please pray for a fruitful week – that God would heal people physically and that he would give us wisdom to diagnose and treat patients properly.  Pray for lost souls, that Jesus would draw people to himself. Pray for team unity, for flexibility and kindness. Pray that love will abide over everything else. Pray that God’s will be done, not our own. Pray that souls would be awakened and revived. Pray that our plans and pride be put aside. Pray that all the fears and lies of the enemy will be soaked in the promise of God’s victory and that our only focus is Jesus.

Matthew 12:21 ” In His name the nations will put their Hope”.
With a Jesus filled heart,
Holly Top

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