Impact of Gospel Partnership

With the Local Mission Drive coming to end, we asked David Wessel, the Director of Development at True Freedom Ministries, to share how the items from the Mission Drive helps their organization and the people they serve.

True Freedom Ministries is so thankful for our partnership in the Gospel with Cuyahoga Valley Church. CVC’s local mission drive and generosity will help our clients immensely.

For the last 24 years, True Freedom Ministries has been serving three homeless shelters on Saturday night, never missing a Saturday for any reason. We have built relationships with many of our clients over this time. Our homeless friends will benefit greatly from CVC’s initiative. They desperately need warm, dry, and clean socks, especially with cold weather on the horizon. Toiletry items to help them stay clean are also much appreciated.

True Freedom will also use the items CVC has collected for our Addiction Recovery / Reentry Meeting. Every Thursday night those battling addictions along with those recently released from prison gather at our location on the east side of Cleveland to worship, hear biblical teaching, participate in small group discussions, and eat a hot meal. Many of our clients who are struggling with addictions are living on the streets and cannot afford basics like socks and toiletry items. Upon release from prison, a person is given only $75 and sent into a world of overwhelming expenses. At TFM we aim to cover our client’s initial clothing and toiletry needs, so they can save their reentry money for things like bus passes to find employment. We are grateful for CVC’s local mission drive in helping us to serve our addiction recovery and reentry clients in this way.

Lastly, True Freedom has recently launched a deeper discipleship ministry for the men of 2100 Lakeside Avenue which is Cleveland’s largest homeless shelter. Every Monday night we provide transportation for an average of ten men to come to our location on the west side of Cleveland. There they are ministered to by staff and volunteers who walk them through the truths of the gospel (with programs like the Alpha Course and Reformers Unanimous). After this, the men enjoy a special sit-down meal. In this way, we hope to begin the process of restoring dignity to these precious souls created in God’s image. These clients will also benefit from the toiletry items and clean, warm socks which CVC has graciously provided.

True Freedom Ministries is privileged to serve “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40) in Cleveland. Thank you, CVC, for partnering with us in this endeavor, for being the hands and feet of Christ.

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