Global Missionaries

Our global partners are missionaries sent out from CVC to impact places outside of the United States. We support these partners financially from our missions budget, and we encourage you to learn more about them and to be actively engaged in prayer for them.

Frank Archer

Ghana Baptist Convention

Frank has been a partner of CVC for almost 2 decades among the Nzema people of Ghana, West Africa – the first unreached people to which CVC was called. Frank is a church planter and trainer who, with God’s help, has grown the number of churches among the Nzema people from 3 to over 50. CVC is proud to be Frank’s primary supporter.

T & K

Pearl Island

Yes, we know this picture is blury – its for security. While T & K are not native CVCers, we like to claim them.
We partner with T & K to reach an unreached people group in Southeast Asia known as the SOLI people. CVC sends multiple trips a year to help share the message of Jesus with those who have never heard this life-transforming message.

Rachael & Justin Klubnick

Love & Hope

Love & Hope is a home for children in El Salvador – Central America. Justin and Rachel provide a Christian home and a loving family for children who would otherwise not have a home. CVC is proud to be a part of all that God is doing to transform these young men and women.

Ukrainian Church Planting Team

CVC has been a sending church for Emery and Clara Laszlo who have been missionaries to Ukraine for the last two decades. The goal of all church planting is multiplication through leadership development and church planting. By God’s grace, the Laszlo’s have raised up and launched out these three couples who are continuing the work that they started. These three couples continue to raise up more leaders, as seen below with two new couples. CVC is proud to partner financially with these families – providing about 1/4 of their living and ministry expenses.

Anton & Tatyana Nagy

The Nagy’s serve in the rural village of Gat – the home of about 700 unreached people known as the Roma people. They have planted three churches and are both studying towards their B.A. degrees in seminary.

Szabolc & Krisztina Kelemen

The Kelemen’s have started and oversee three new church plants, hosting one of them in their home in Dobrony. Szabolc is working on his M.A. in theolgy.

Vadim & Svetlana Ivanov

The Ivanovs have planted three churches – one in Deda, one in a local nursing home, and a Russian-speaking church in Beregove. In 2016 they hosted the FIRST baptism in their region – baptizing five new believers.

Imre Bakosh 

The Bakosh’s continued the Laszlo’s church plant in Beregujfalu. For the last five years their most important outreach is the Sunshine Children’s Club.

Daniel Nagy – Kasza

The Nagy-Kasza’s are serving with the Second Chance Mission and church plant in Beregove.