International Friendships

IFI is a Christian organization that works with universities and volunteers to promote friendship and hospitality for international students and scholars. IFI links international students with American volunteers from local churches who are interested in cross-cultural exchange and who help meet the various practical needs internationals face in living in another culture.

Current Serve Opportunities

Find a Serve

Your first step is to check out the current serve opportunities below and see which one you and your LifeGroup might want to engage.

Sign Up

Once you choose your serve, click the “get connected” button and fill out the form. We will follow up with details and the organization will contact you with instructions

Follow Through

It is vital that once you make the connetion, you follow through well. Make sure to respond to your organization contact in a timely manner and prepare well for your serve.

Host A Welcome Dinner

When: Seasonal Opportunities

Where: Various

What: Consider opening your home to 2-4 international students from local universities, allowing them to meet you and your family/friends, see inside an American home, and experience Cleveland hospitality. These can be stand alone dinners or progressive dinners in which students visit two or more homes in one evening. This can be a fun and meaningful way for you to try out international student ministry without any official training or long term commitment


Friendship Partners

When: Various Dates

Where: Various Locations

What: IFI is currently seeking Americans interested in serving as Friendship Partners to international students studying at Cleveland-area universities. Friendship Partners commit to meeting at least once a month with the international student with whom they are matched. Meeting up could be as simple as getting coffee together or sharing a meal in a home. It could also include family functions such as meals, movie nights and kids' sporting events.


EL Conversation Clubs

When: Every Monday from 12:30-1:30pm

Where: Case Western Reserve Campus

What: Spend time getting to know one or two international students as an English Conversation Partner. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and serve students with a team of other IFI volunteers and begin building deep relationships with students.